Cooperation with other instruments and programs

SuperDARN: As part of the international SuperDARN network, TIGER conducts experiments in tandem with other SuperDARN radars. In particular, TIGER observations will be co-ordinated with those of the PACE (Polar Anglo-American Conjugate Experiment) radar at Halley, Antarctica.  These form a unique pair on opposite sides of the invariant pole, so that they provide simultaneous coverage of  sectors approximately 12 hours different in magnetic local time.   SuperDARN radars also operate in Antarctica from the Japanese base at Syowa and the South African base at SANAE (Figure below).  See the SuperDARN website.

Macquarie Island:  This station is just on the edge of the region probed by TIGER, and just over 1000 km from Hobart.  Hence the ionosphere above Macquarie is an important region of reflection for single hop propagation of TIGER transmissions.  Consequently, monitoring the ionospheric conditions at this point provides information on the state of the background ionosphere on a path within the TIGER beam.  (Macquarie has a vertical incidence ionosonde, a TEC reciever monitoring GPS signals, providing this information.  Magnetometers and All-Sky-Cameras are also operated at Macquarie.)  Relevant instruments are operated at Macquarie Island as part of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE); data from these form an important component of the TIGER project.

Satellites: During the period of this project, satellites will be observing the solar wind (IMP-8 and WIND), in the deep tail (GEOTAIL), in polar orbit (POLAR, DMSP), in geostationary orbit (GOES and NOAA satellite series) and there will also be satellites with new orbits or with specialist instrumentation (CLUSTER,FAST and Orsted).  Collaborations  with experimentersusing these satellites will be developed, and access to data from the satellites is available to project Partner Chief Investigator Dr A.S. Rodger through existing British Antarctic Survey agreements.

Location of Southern Hemisphere OTH Radars


SuperDARN: Ha - UK PACE Radar at Halley
Sj - Japanese Radar at Syowa
SA - South African radar at SANAE
Ho - Australian TIGER Radar near Hobart
Jindalee: JF - Jindalee Facility Alice Springs
JA & JB - JORN Radars near Laverton, WA and Longreach, Qld
Digisondes: Be - La Trobe Digisonde Radar at Beveridge, can be operated in oblique mode •
Ca - Antarctic Division Digisonde at Casey ANARE Base
Other: MqI - Macquarie Island ANARE Base
SP - South Geographic Pole
IP - South Invariant Pole
DP - South Dip Pole
60°S - Geographic Latitude Contour
60°  - Invariant Latitude Contour

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