TIGER Project Collaborators

Collaborating Institutions, and research interests Investigators
La Trobe University (School of Physics), and

Monash University

  • Ionosphere-thermosphere coupling & dynamics
  • Formation of ionospheric irregularities and their dynamic behaviour
  • Total electron content measurements
  • Atmospheric gravity wave tracking in conjunction with the Beveridge ionosode
  • Radar beam propagation studies and signal processing projects
Prof P.L. Dyson
 (Principal Investigator) 

Prof J.C. Devlin (La Trobe)

Dr J.A. Bennett

IPS Radio and Space Services
  • Daily convection data
  • Sustaining ionospheric research in Australia
Dr P.J. Wilkinson
DSTO Salisbury, HF Radar Division
  • Understanding of Jindalee radar clutter via antenna backlobe signals
  • Gravity wave and other irregularities propagating from the south and over Jindalee
  • Investigation of waveform generating mechanisms and patterns that may increase the radar resolution
Dr B.D. Ward
Australian Antarctic Division
  • Global weather (LIDAR)
  • Atmospheric gravity wave measurements
Dr R.J. Morris
University of Newcastle (Centre for Space Physics)
  • Detailed two dimensional convection patterns over large spatial areas, for improving global convection models
  • Dynamics of these convection patterns
  • Conjugate relationships of the electric fields associated with field line resonances
  • Electric field and latitudinal development of magnetic substorms
  • Dayside convection and the response to changes in IMF orientation, FTEs
Prof B.J. Fraser

A/Prof C.L. Waters   -email

Prof F.W. Menk

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