IDL Data Analysis Code for SuperDARN Data on the PC

The IDL code for viewing and writing data files of SuperDARN data is available. The analysis code, suitable for Laptops and PCs, originated from a computer program called ABRadar which was developed at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada under the direction of Prof. John Samson and modified extensively by Karen Apps.

The code for TIGER data has been modified from ABRadar and associated JHU/APL (Laurel, Maryland, USA) routines by Dr Colin Waters at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

To access the source code, send email to Prof C.L. Waters requesting the procedure for access.

Instructions for Setting up the Code [After Download]

Here are some sample pictures from the code. Click on each small picture to get a larger version.
Summary Data Summary Data Time:Range Time:Range Geographic Beam Sweep Geographic Map Geomagnetic Beam Sweep Geomagnetic Map

IDL Code Revisions:

Revisions/additions to the code are documented in the rev.txt file in the code distribution.
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